School Report for 2021 - 2022
Sunday, 18 September 2022


This year was the first year of exams following two years of Teacher Assessed Grades due to Covid.  During the last two years, grades had inflated by 11% (logically, as teachers will grade on the best performance of a child, rather than the ‘on the day performance’).  Information from Ofqual indicated that they were going to bring the exam results closer to those of 2019.

We were delighted that at GCSE and A level, results showed a continuation of the good progress that the school had made prior to the pandemic.  Our A level students achieved 44% A*-A grades and 75% A*-B grades - our best results ever!  At GCSE, more students achieved grade 4+ passes than in 2019 (the last examined year group) and our Pupil Premium students made the same amount of progress than non-PP students do in other schools nationally.

At A level, all 7 students who had Oxbridge offers were successful in achieving their grades.  6 students left to study Medicine, 2 Dentistry, 3 Law, 8 Engineering and 3 Conservatoire.  8 students were able to achieve at least 3 A* grades.  The English department continues to excel, producing results of the highest quality at GCSE (+1) and A level (2 of top 4 depts).

Wider school life

We had a successful summer with the Year 12 Duke of Edinburgh trip running successfully in the Lake District - 45 students are set to complete the award this year.  We also had a Rugby Tour to South Africa - Mr Frost and team took over 20 students to SA to enjoy fixtures and the trip of a lifetime.  The feedback from the trip was amazing (even if the results were less so!).

The school has undergone some changes, with Trinity being redecorated and the school Sports Hall getting new flooring (following new roofing previously).  This has made a huge difference to the ethos around the building and the care that students place in their environment.  We have also hired a number of new staff, particularly in the SEND department, addressing the needs of our changed cohort. 

We relaunch our co-curricular programme in full this year and are striving to provide enrichment opportunities for the entire school this year.  Our staff continue to work above and beyond what one could expect, providing fantastic tuition and enrichment opportunities for our students.  Our Music calendar is once again full, with, on average, a concert running every week.  Our trailblazer scheme, that supports students who cannot afford to buy instruments to take up music, is once again in full operation.  We aim to arrange a school show this year and are working towards that end.

Report kindly provided by Mr Stephen Fuller - Deputy Headteacher