Society Presents School Prints Art
Sunday, 22 April 2018

Towards the end of World War 2, Brenda and Derek Rawnsley had the idea of bringing original contemporary art to children who might not otherwise experience it. The result was the 'School Prints' series of original lithographs from a collection of artists including Lowery, Matisse and Henry Moore.  Recently, a previously unknown cache of these lithographs were uncovered in mint condition and made available for purchase.


Town Centre by Phyllis Ginger 

Amongst the series was a contribution by the illustrator/painter, Phyllis Ginger, called 'Town Centre'; closer inspection, however, reveals it to be not a Town Centre, but a City Centre!  In fact (now apply your best Bristolian), the Centre!  So, a painting from the immediate post-War period of an area which most pupils traverse every school day. 


Society Chair, Garry Porter, presents 'Town Centre' to Head, Paul Atkins

In keeping with the original sentiment of the Rawnsleys, this print was presented to Bristol Cathedral Choir School by its Alumni, the Cathedralians, at their Annual Reunion Dinner held at the school on 14 April 2018.  On receiving the print, the Head, Paul Atkins, announced it would take pride of place in the newly refurbished Deanery